Woodhul Digital Gamma Camera Suite

Location: 760 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 11206


Woodhull Medical Center’s new 21st century Digital Gamma Camera Suite will provide state-of-the-art imaging services for improved diagnoses and treatment of patients in the North Brooklyn Network community. The new unit is an Infinia Hawkeye, manufactured by GE.

Gamma cameras are imaging devices most commonly used in nuclear medicine, a specialty within the field of radiology comprised of diagnostic examinations resulting in images of body function and metabolism.  Nuclear medicine studies require the oral or intravenous introduction of very low-level radioactive chemicals — called radionuclides — into the body. The radionuclides are presented in the organs of the body and then emit faint gamma ray signals which are measured by a gamma camera. The gamma camera has a large crystal detector containing scintillation crystals, which detect the emitted radiation signals and convert the signals into faint light. The light is then converted to electric signals, which are then digitized and reconstructed into images.

Nuclear medicine images can assist the physician in diagnosing diseases. Tumors, infection and other disorders can be detected by evaluating organ function. Specifically, nuclear medicine can be used to:

• Analyze kidney function
• Image blood flow and function of the heart
• Scan lungs for respiratory and blood-flow problems
• Identify blockage of the gallbladder
• Evaluate bones for fracture, infection, arthritis or tumor
• Determine the presence or spread of cancer
• Identify bleeding into the bowel
• Locate the presence of infection
• Measure thyroid function to detect over or under activity

The suite was constructed, equipped and outfitted through a New York City budget allocation of $691,000 from the City Council. The new suite was designed and managed by Woodhull’s Construction Office in conjunction with GE Medical Systems.

Management:  Capital Construction Office, Woodhull & GE Medical Systems
Architect:  Capital Construction Office, Woodhull & GE Medical Systems
Completion - February 2007
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