Metropolitan WIC

Location: 1901 First Avenue, New York NY 10029


In October 2007, Metropolitan Hospital Center unveiled their state-of-the-art screening system which features digital mammography, and stereo tactic and ultrasound technologies.  This new equipment will enhance preventative health care for women in the communities served by Metropolitan Hospital. 

Chief of Radiology, Hussein Matari, MD, and Carmen D. Lopez, SrAED, expressed their high regard for this service of medical excellence which has been tailored to improve the health care of women.  The new digital system will help reduce exam times, thereby reducing the waits for appointments and permitting more patients to be screened.  This will enhance the timely detection of possible malignancies and prevent cancers that may have gone previously undetected.

Occupying a space of 2,600 sf, Metropolitan’s Women’s Imaging Center has been designed with a feminine touch.  Pink exam tables, pink chairs, and pink paint fill the area.  The use of the color pink, universally associated with the fight against breast cancer, makes the space welcoming and comfortable.

Management:  Metropolitan Office of Capital Construction and Design
Architect:  Metropolitan Office of Capital Construction and Design
Completion - October 2007
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