Coler-Goldwater Bed Unit

Location: Roosevelt Island, New York NY 10044

Description:In September 2002, Coler-Goldwater opened their renovated Unit D-21 in the Goldwater building.  D-21 is a medical/surgical unit that specializes in ventilation for dependent patients and also provides a weaning program to assist patients to breathe without ventilation.  Containing 32 beds in an area of 8.500 square feet, the project was designed by the architectural firm of Cannon Design, which is also designed the Jacobi Medical Center modernization.  Construction for the renovation was completed with in-house crews at a cost of approximately $1.5 million.  Coler-Goldwater houses the largest ventilator population in the country with over 200 patients between both campuses.  Beyond new ceilings, walls and flooring, the electric system in D-21 was upgraded to allow for individual ventilation alarms leading from each bed to a centralized station.  All ventilators are permanently mounted on the walls, and each bed also has a private phone and television.

Management:  Coler-Goldwater Facility Management
Architect:  Cannon Design
Completion - September 2002
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