Bellevue WTC Health Center

Location: 462 First Avenue, New York NY 10016


On September 5, 2006, Mayor Bloomberg announced a comprehensive three-point citywide effort to address Health-Related issues from the attacks to the World Trade Center. The effort included the establishment of a WTC Environmental Health center at Bellevue Hospital.

The City will provide $16 million to HHC over the next five years to develop up to 28 staff for a specialty clinic that will be able to assess and treat up to 6,000 additional patients. This highly specialized Environmental Health Center will allow Bellevue to dramatically outreach in providing comprehensive medical and mental health screening, evaluation and treatment services.  In January 2007, Bellevue Hospital completed the refurbishment of a 4,000 square-foot 9/11 World Trade Center Health–Related issues Center located on the second floor of the Ambulatory Care Pavilion. The Center is now providing its services to thousands of New Yorkers who have experienced exposure to environmental contaminants and/or intense psychological stress related to the WTC disaster. To date, the center has treated over 1,300 patients for the WTC-related illnesses.

Management:  BHC Facilities Management
Architect:  BHC Facilities Management
Completion - October 2004
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