Bellevue Thoracic Operating Room

Location: 462 First Avenue, New York NY 10016


In September 2007, Bellevue Hospital Center opened their newly renovated Thoracic Operating Room, located on the 11th floor of the bed tower.

The 1,200sf suite is designed to address a significant growth in thoracic operations, from more than 250 performed this past year to a projected 350 for the coming year.  Thoracic surgery is the field of medicine involved in the surgical treatment of diseases affecting organs inside the chest, excluding the heart. This includes treatment of conditions of the lungs, chest wall, esophagus and diaphragm.

Some of the features of the integrated Thoracic Operating Room are:  high-definition medical grade monitors, for clinical and diagnostic display engineering; equipment management systems and boom-mounted lights allowing improved procedure room utilization;  a high-definition mobile camera for routing images of the procedure to remote locations utilizing technology from Sony Medical;  high-definition endoscopic cameras provide the latest in diagnostic imaging;  audio/video teleconferencing for real-time collaboration during procedures;  control of multiple systems, such as: endoscopic cameras, vital signs, and radiology by the use of a touch panel display.
Funded by the Mayor, the new suite was designed and managed by the Bellevue Hospital Facilities Management Office in conjunction with VTS Medical Systems, and constructed, equipped and outfitted at a total cost of $1 million.

Management:  Bellevue Hospital Center’s Facilities Management Department
Architect:  Bellevue Hospital Center Department of Design/VTS
Completion - September 2007
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