Bellevue Short-Bore MRI

Location: 462 First Avenue, New York NY 10016


Bellevue’s new MRI unit will provide state-of-the-art imaging services for improved diagnoses and treatment of patients in the South Manhattan Network community.

The 4,800 square-foot center features a new 1.5 Tesla MRI, manufactured by Siemens Medical Solutions. This short bore, patient-friendly equipment includes the Magnetom Avanto system with matrix coil packages enabling contemporary imaging needs.
Additionally, the new MRI system is patient-friendly. The noise level for the new machine is 97% quieter than older units; the new model features the lightest weight coils in the industry; and most examinations can be done feet first, which is less claustrophobic for many patients.

The 1.5 Tesla unit offers advanced applications and excellent image quality of over 1000 reconstructions per second, resulting in an accelerated scanning accuracy and greater patient satisfaction. A 3 D isotropic imaging throughout the whole body provides detail never seen before in any imaging plane. The new unit is equipped with revolutionary Tim technology reducing scan time by up to 50%.

The MRI Center is located on the first floor of the Hospital Building adjacent to the Emergency Department. The suite has separate impatient and ambulatory waiting areas, a reception area, changing booths and associated control and equipment rooms for the new MRI.

The suite was constructed, equipped and outfitted at a total cost of $2.7 million. The new center was designed by the Bellevue Design and Construction Office.

Management:  Bellevue Design and Construction
Architect:  Bellevue Design and Construction
Completion - December 2006
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