Harlem WPA Mural Project

Location: 506 Lenox Avenue, New York NY 10037


The historic WPA murals previously located at HARLEM HOSPITAL CENTER, in the New Nurses Residence and Women’s Pavilion have been successfully conserved and removed from their original locations.  All murals, including, Charles Alston, Magic in Medicine, 1940 and Modern Medicine, 1940; Georgette Seabrooke, Recreation in Harlem, 1937; Vertis Hayes, Pursuit of Happiness, 1936; and, Alfred Crimi, Modern Surgery and Anesthesia, 1936, are currently in storage, awaiting reinstallation in the New Patient Pavilion at HARLEM HOSPITAL CENTER, which is scheduled for completion in 2012.

EverGreene Painting Studio began work on the conservation and removal of these murals in October 2006.  This large scale project involved the removal of entire wall sections, stabilizing and consolidating the plaster behind some of the murals and preparing for transport to the storage facility, which is a very meticulous process.

The Health and Hospitals Corporation, Harlem Hospital Center, and the community eagerly await the return of these historic works.

Management:  EverGreene Painting Studio
Architect:  Goshow Architects
Completion - Completion of Removal – April 2008
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