Lincoln 64-Slice CT Scanner

Location: 234 149th Street, Bronx NY 10451


On November 1, 2006, Lincoln Medical Center held a ribbon cutting ceremony to dedicate their new $1.4 million, state-of-the-art, 64-slice Computer Tomography Scanner (CT Scanner) located in the Emergency Department. The former CT Scanner was limited to single-slice images, while the new unit will produce 64 images per rotation. The sophisticated technology of the new scanner features higher imagery sensitivity and a greater specificity of diagnosis, improving the expanded range of studies with significantly reduced scan times. Using this powerful technology, the scanner can provide a complete image of the heart in approximately 2 seconds, while an entire body image will take less than ten seconds! For our patients at Lincoln, the scanner’s speed, detailed imagery and accuracy will significantly “raise the bar” in the quality of health care. CT scanning is useful in examining the heart, internal organs, bone structures and for detecting specific (mal) functions in the body’s internal systems through a non-invasive, and therefore, more patient friendly method.

Management:  Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center Management Group
Architect:  Lincoln Capital Design
Completion - October 2006
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