Kings Dialysis

Location: 451 Clarkson Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11203


KINGS COUNTY HOSPITAL opened its new Renal Dialysis Center on the sixth floor of the "C" Building in April 2005. The new facility consolidates acute (inpatient) and chronic (outpatient) services, previously located in two different buildings, resulting in vastly improved operational and staffing efficiencies.

The new $7.3 million center contains 34 stations and beds in a suite that has direct access to the recently completed "D" Building Inpatient Bed Tower. This will permit ease of treatment for any inpatient requiring dialysis in space that is discrete from the outpatient service areas to the south. Patient stations may be enclosed by cubicle curtains for privacy when desired, yet they will still be visible from the nurses’ stations.

The new center is complete with reception and patient/family waiting areas, isolation rooms, observation rooms, examination rooms, departmental offices, and support spaces. Due to its location in one of the hospital's historic buildings, the floor slab required structural reinforcement to carry the load of the necessary water treatment equipment. Operating 18 hours per day, seven days per week the new center will provide an anticipated 22,500 annual outpatient treatments.

Management:  Kings County Hospital Center
Architect:  Larsen, Shein, Ginsberg, Snyder, LLP Architects
Completion - March 2005
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