Harlem Modernization

Location: 506 Lenox Avenue, New York NY 10037


The main components of the modernization project are:
1) The construction of a new Diagnostic, Treatment, Critical Care & Emergency Care Pavilion, which will be linked to the existing Martin Luther King (MLK) Inpatient Pavilion and connected to the existing Ron Brown Ambulatory Care Pavilion.
2) The preservation and relocation of WPA-era art murals -- which depict scenes from the history of Harlem and African-Americans.  These murals were located in the the campus's oldest buildings and were conserved, protected, removed and are currently stored in a secure climate controlled warehouse, pending completion of the New Patient Pavilion. 
3) The construction of a new chiller plant to serve the NPP and the MLK buildings.
4) The construction of a staff parking facility and Emergency Medical Services station.
5) The renovation of the MLK pavilion is on-hold due to budget constraints in this challenging economic climate.
The New Patient Pavilion construction activities are progressing on schedule, with an estimated substantial completion date of March 2012 with occupancy in Summer 2012.   Excavation/foundation work, structural steel erection, concrete placement on-deck, fireproofing, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) rough-in, masonry walls, gypsum walls, and the special mural curtain wall are substantially complete.  HVAC systems, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, wall finishes, floor-leveling and pneumatic tube installations are in-progress.  In addition, structural preparation work has started for the delicate reinstallation of WPA Murals, which is to occur in phases from late fall 2011 to early spring 2012.

The new chiller plant is complete and currently providing cooling for the MLK building and temporary cooling for the NPP.  We have experienced some technical challenges that will require additional work, which will commence in late Fall 2012 when the cooling season is over.  There is presently sufficient cooling to support the facility while the issue is resolved.

The project is coming together and we encourage everyone to walk by the facility and view the changes for themselves.  The heritage of the Harlem community will become the inspiring new face of the hospital, now poised for its long-awaited Renaissance in the 21st century.



Management:  DASNY/HHC
Architect:  Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum Architects (HOK)
Completion - 2012
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