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Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center

234 Eugenio Maria de Hostos (149th St), Bronx NY 10451

Early in 1999, Lincoln opened its new $2.2 million Children's Health Center, featuring 49 spacious examination rooms and designed to treat young people from birth to age 19. One very special feature of the new Center is its interactive Starbright World computer network, a program of the Starbright Foundation that links chronically ill children in distant locations--allowing young patients to meet and share thoughts with peers facing similar health problems.

Focusing on enhancing direct service to patients, Lincoln has both expanded its collaborative arrangement and partnerships within network, and outside the network with other health care providers in the Bronx. The consolidation of our Outpatient Rehabilitation and Neurology Services with the Metropolitan Medical Center, for example, allows all patients in the network to receive comprehensive clinical services in one central system.

With the addition of eight new partnerships, our market continues to expand in the managed care environment. Lincoln's consumer market also includes the provision of back-up and inpatient services for a number of neighborhood facilities.

We also seek to prepare for the future by building partnerships that promote training and health careers. This includes our participation in the Bronx Educational Alliance, part of the Ford Foundation-funded National Center for Urban Partnerships designed to improve the education of Bronx children, and in many other such programs.

• Lincoln 64-Slice CT Scanner
• Lincoln Emergency Room & Medicine Pavilion
• Lincoln Maternity and Nursing Unit
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Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center

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